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Giving #2030Now: every contribution counts

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Today an incredible array of speakers presented their #2030Now words and vision and encouraged audience members from not only New York but from all over the world to recognize their role in the changing face of philanthropy. That it isn't just wealth that can be distributed to create sustainable change, but innovative ideas and the willingness to create moments where breakthrough's occur.

For example, today #2030Now keynote listener Judith Rodin, the President of the Rockefeller Foundation, wondered how we take 20th century problems to find 21st century solutions and hoped that we find new kinds of frameworks to navigate the question.

Helen Clark, of the United Nations Development Programme, as part of a panel The Next 15 Years: How Technology, Data and Digital Media Shape Our world, addressed how in the last year there has been more than a million people engaging in this conversation and utilizing social media to do. Accessible technology has been a contributor to this change and momentum. But yet, there is still work to do and, as her fellow panelist Paul Pollman pointed out "the cost of inaction is starting to exceed the cost of action" and people are saying "enough is enough and use their digital voices to be heard."

One of the most talked about sessions was the "Democratization of Giving" featuring Helen Clark, as well as Jean Case, Kathy Calvin, and Matthew Bishop and addressed the role all citizens play in the philanthropic effort.

So, what's your takeaway from Day One of #2030Now? And how will you continue to connect and collaborate to help those breakthrough's occur and in what ways will you use your digital voice?

We are keynote listeners too, so tell us your #2030Now vision and help create the framework for our +socialgood community today as we move into tomorrow.