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G-Everyone: +SocialGood at the G8

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This Monday, communities around the world met up online and in-person for G-Everyone, a 24-hour digital convening that united local groups around the world to discuss the pressing issues addressed at the G8 Summit.

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G-Everyone meetups took place on the eve of the G8, a forum of the world's eight wealthiest Western countries. The goal of G-Everyone is to make the G8 more accessible, and to brainstorm ways to solve the world's most challenging problems.

Throughout the day on June 10th, local meetups and online events (such as Twitter chats and Google+ hangouts) encouraged people worldwide to discuss three questions related to the G8’s core themes this year of “open economies, open governments and open societies.”

1. How can innovation stimulate your local economy?
2. How can technology make your government more open?
3. How can online communities help build healthier societies?

Digital events on Monday, June 10th
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